Helicopter Rescue

Airgreen is specialized in providing helicopter transport  services. In its 25 years of activity, Airgreen has gained a large experience. Its services are always safe, accurate and quick.

Helicopter rescue is a medical assistance service. It has two main objectives:

  • to guarantee a quick and highly professional medical assistance, even in isolated and remote places;
  • to transport rapidly the injured person to the most suitable hospital, regardless of the distance from the site of the accident.

The transport by helicopter is faster, more comfortable and potentially less dangerous, especially for the most seriously injured people. The stress related to vibrations is limited, if compared to a transport by ambulance.

Airgreen performs both primary (the Operating Center sends the helicopter to the accident site) and secondary (the helicopter transports a patient from one hospital to another) interventions.

Airgreen has gained a large experience in the helicopter rescue activity. Since 1995, it has been working for the region Valle d’Aosta; in 2003 it started providing its services to the regions Piemonte and Sardinia, especially in summertime.

The helicopter rescue is performed mainly during daytime, from dawn to dusk. Nonetheless, Airgreen has carried out many interventions during night-time, especially for the transport of organs and of medical teams.