Aerial Work

Airgreen can offer any kind of aerial work. The experience of its pilots and operational staff guarantees the highest level of safety and accuracy. The helicopter is the only means of transport which can be used to reach inaccessible areas.
Airgreen does not just carry goods, but it does sell a transport service. Airgreen considers the customer as its most valuable asset, and it is particularly focused on the customer satisfaction.

Transport of materials

An important part of the aerial work is the transport of building material. The activity can be carried out in very different situations. Airgreen has gained a large experience in carrying materials with helicopters. Airgreen has a lean organization and it can offer a quick and professional service to any building company.
Helicopters usually transport a wide range of different materials to construction sistes: concrete, plinths, pallet, timber, diggers, compressors, material for the inspection of dams, control systems for hydroelectric power stations built at high altitude.

Assembling and disassembling

The aerial work in assembling and/or disassembling activities requires both technical and organizational skills. Pilots and operators work together, in strict coordination. Pilots must be extremely accurate and operators need a lot of experience in handling a potentially dangerous load. Airgreen can transport cableways, aerial ropeways, chair lifts, ski lifts, high voltage and radio link pylons. Airgreen personnel is also able to carry out any type of assembling.

Tensioning of electrical cables

The tensioning of cables is necessary in different sectors: energy, woods, building and lift systems. It is considered aerial work, as it is performed with a barycentric hook. A continuous coordination between the aircrew and the operators on the ground is crucial. Even before the flight, a briefing session is required to identify all the potential risks. Airgreen has a long experience in this activity and it has worked with important companies in the electrical industry.

Supply to Alpine refuges and huts

Airgreen supplies many refuges and huts in the Alpine region of Piemonte. They are open mainly during the summer, and need a constant supply of provisions. As they can’t be reached by car, the helicopter is the only means of transport to carry foodstuffs, wood and building materials. On the flight back, the helicopter can collect the waste, to keep mountains clean.

Recovery of animals and carcasses

Farming is still an important activity in Piemonte. In summertime, herds are moved to mountain pastures. Animals can be attacked by predators, like wolves, or they can end up in unaccessible places.
In these cases, the helicopter is the best way to help them. The recovery of animals and/or carcasses is a joint effort of Airgreen personnel (pilots and operators on the ground), veterinary surgeons, farmers and, eventually, the operators in charge of the carcass disposal. Airgreen has gained a wide experience in this activity.

Aerial work in urban areas and special transport

Urban building may need special services like positioning of air-conditioners, gas tanks, swimming pools, roof coverings. Airgreen can offer these services in urban and metropolitan areas, thanks to the variety of its fleet.

Hydroseeding, phytosanitary and antilarval treatments

Hydroseeding, phytosanitary and antilarval treatments are carried out in the respect of the environment.
Airgreen is particularly focused on three main aspects:

-  targeted interventions in places with the highest effectiveness;
-  choice of the best period of intervention;
-  identify the best products, according to the environmental conditions.

Helicopters are widely used in this activity as they can treat hundreds of hectares per day and they employ advanced systems.
Operators prepare the flight plans, together with Airgreen pilots, to help identifying the portions of land to treat.

Photographies, aerial photographies and geophysical survey with specific equipment

A specific activity of the aerial work is the making of photographies, aerial photographies from the helicopter, in addition to geophysical and photogrammetrical surveys with specific equipment.
The service can be used to produce advertising campaigns (on TV, newspapers and the web) or TV programs (track and bike events, like Giro d’Italia) or to make a topographic analysis of the territory.
Many of Airgreen aircrafts have large sliding doors to help the operators to take photographies and surveys. Special equipment, like helivision and wescam, are fixed to the fuselage of the helicopter. They help neutralize the vibrations during the flight. Extraordinary results can be reached thanks to the ability of the pilots and the operators.