Our commitment makes the difference


Safety is a primary and strategic goal for Airgreen. Its importance is recognized by everyone within the organization, from top management to operating staff. Airgreen has developed a Safety Management System (SMS) its main focus is to develop, implement, maintain and enhance both processes and strategies, in order to achieve high safety level towards customers and internal staff.

The SMS intends to monitor every activity performed within the company: flight, maintenance, training (of pilots and maintenance technicians). The objective is to identify and analyze every hazard, evaluate the relevant risks and implement the mitigation measures in order to minimize the risk level associated to every single operation.

Two different approaches have been introduced:
•    The Internal audit system
•    The voluntary report system

The Audit system is a key element of the SMS. Its objective is to identify strengths and weaknesses of every process and procedure and of the company safety system as a whole. It is crucial to identify the most dangerous risks and to evaluate the necessary mitigation measures.

The voluntary report system is based on a basic rule of safety management: it is necessary to identify a hazardous situation as soon as it occurs. Analyze and mitigate the event is necessary to prevent any risk. It is not the task of a few people or very skilled specialists, but everyone is responsible for identifying and reporting any dangerous situation.

For this reason Airgreen fosters all its internal staff as well as its Customers to download the “Voluntary Safety Report” form available at the following link, to fill it in according to the instruction reported and to send it to this e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .